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Peer Support Recovery Coaching

What are Peer Support Recovery Coaches?

  • They have at least 1 year of lived experience in recovery from substance use and possible mental health issues and training in substance use and mental health.
  • They meet participants where they are; help them develop and reach their personal goals.
  • They spend 26 hours per week with each participant, encouraging participants in their recovery and assisting them in identifying at least 2 healthy recreational activities to participate in regularly.
  • They may accompany participants: in recreational activities and various outings, to 12-step meetings in the community.
  • Facilitate Group Counseling and/or Education Groups.

Benefits of Peer Support Recovery Coaching:

A Peer Support Recovery  Coach Will:

  • Provide prevention/early intervention support; Empower…. and support participants in their progress on the road to recovery.
  • Empathize with and encourage participants on their personal journey.
  • Take a non-judgmental approach to recovery, substance use and mental health, having been there themselves.
  • Coach participants on healthy problem solving and wellness skills to work towards stability.
  • Encourage positive and healthy peer relationships; assist participants in navigating those relationships.
  • Help participants build confidence with skills in different areas of their lives (school, career goals, family, health/wellness, and relationships).
  • Be a listening ear, is here to provide support during difficult times and someone who cheers participants on.
  • Help participants reduce and/or eliminate relapses.

Recreational Activities

Nate’s Place will help participants find healthy recreational activities that will replace alcohol/drug use. We are offering a variety of programs as follows:

1. Recreational/Fitness Programs:

  • Weight lifting, boxing, ping pong, pool, stationary bike, fishing, rowing machine, hiking, rock climbing, juggling, and hacky sack.
  • There is an emphasis on the healing aspects of nature and time spent outdoors.

2. Music and Art Therapy Programs:

  • Native American drumming lessons and guitar lessons.
  • Art Classes, Art Therapy Groups, to include various therapeutic art activities.

3. Holistic Programs:

  • Mindfulness Meditation, yoga, aerial yoga and journaling groups.

+ Research indicates that exercise reduces barriers to recovery as activity and movement can decrease boredom, poor mental health, and high stress and increase stimulation and social support.

+ Studies show that listening to music and songwriting are linked to emotional awareness and healing, and drumming is linked to relaxation and stress management.

+ Art Therapy is proven to act as a form of communication as it allows participants to express their thoughts and emotions in a non-verbal, creative exercise.

+ Mindfulness training through yoga or meditation has been proven to improve self-control, regulate emotions, and reduce stress – all critical characteristics of achieving and maintaining sobriety and mental health.

Counseling and Treatment:

  • Participants receive an initial intake assessment from a trained Clinical Therapist to determine needs and develop a plan.
  • 12-Step Group Meetings (AA/NA) are separated by teens and young adults and are conducted weekly at the center.
  • Group Counseling and Education Groups are provided weekly, emphasizing such topics as: substance misuse, wellness practices, emotion regulation coping skills, relapse prevention plans, peer pressure and peer relationships, and various other topics.
  • Individual Counseling sessions are available to participants as needed with an experienced Clinical Therapist with training in substance use and mental health. The goal is to help participants develop the coping skills needed to assist them on their recovery. Therapists are trauma-informed.
  • Participants already in therapy through another provider are not required to attend therapy at Nate’s Place.
  • Family Counseling Groups will provide Education and Support.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Groups (DBT) will educate participants on mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance skills.
  • Primary Care and Addiction Physicians from Ventura County Medical Center’s Behavioral Health/Addiction Clinic will conduct bi-weekly visits to Nate’s Place to provide medical exams and medication for participants as needed.
  • Referrals are provided for other resources including benefits, residential treatment, etc.

How Do I Qualify?

  • Nate’s Place, A Wellness and Recovery Center provides prevention, early intervention, and aftercare services to assist teens and young adults in attaining recovery and stability in their communities. (We do not provide inpatient or detox services).
  • Please call for a phone screening at 805-628-2552 or email us at: natesplacewellnesscenter@gmail.com